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Annual shareholder meeting – year 1 done

On Sept 30th 2020 we held our first annual shareholder meeting at the Giggernaut HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. 100% of our shareholders represented, summary of a very interesting first year and great input to our roadmap ahead. Active dialogue and focus towards launch!

Corona pandemic and new investors

The Corona pandemic hit the world in March 2020 and affected Giggernaut as well. As per plan and to fuel our development, a lot of discussions with potential new investors were held post-MVP. The Corona effect into these investor dialogues were very real and many held back on planned investments in early stage companies despite big interest. We kept our focus and found our way through and were by early Q3 happy to welcome two new investors into the family, bringing significant experience from running a large scale startup to the market.


MVP ready

Our first platform MVP is now ready after extensive development from our team. Design concept in conjunction with both basic functions as well as more unique features derived from workshops and co-create sessions with customers and partners.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

2019 is soon coming to an end. We´ve come off to a fantastic start and we´re so thankful for all support and engagement. Development is now ongoing at full speed with our development team, fueled by several co-create dialogues with customers, partners and giggernauts – exciting times ahead we can tell you!

Stay connected for 2020 and onwards.
Until then – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

/Team Giggernaut

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