Transformation towards the future

There are multiple marketplaces for various service areas, but most are narrow in terms of geography, technology usage, certain skillset focused and/or limited to simple hourly based business models which do not fully adopt to our vision of a global marketplace where customers can pay for results and giggernauts can get traction and a larger piece of the pie.


Gig economy today


Gig economy tomorrow

Giggernaut – how does it work?


The customer requests a gig – standard or customized


The gig is matched towards the best suitable Giggernaut candidates who then makes an offer to the Customer.


The Customer is guided toward the best offer and decides who to award the gig. Deposit and contract made and signed


The awarded Giggernaut delivers the gig and provides status updates to the Customer during the delivery process. Customer approval when all criterias met


The Customer provides payment to the Giggernaut platform, and the Giggernaut is paid


The Customer and the Giggernaut get feedback on the delivery and the gig