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The market for labor and professional services is going through rapid change and more people are adopting the freelance market offering services to clients. The gig economy is on the rise. McKinsey put Sweden and the US among the two leading markets, where 27-28 percent of the daily business already utilize a gig economy approach, and with an estimated growth potential to 40-45 percent within the near future.

Giggernaut –

the marketplace for gigs

We are a Swedish tech startup, founded in Gothenburg in 2019 with the vision to become the global marketplace for the gig economy, the spot/place/platform where requests and deliveries meet. Enterprise customers are in demand of modern ways to connect with the gig ecosystem in order to attract talent and get deliveries done efficiently. Giggernaut is setup to resolve and integrate these needs.

Meet Our Team

The people behind Giggernaut, the founders and early Giggernauts.

Dennis Heltorp


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Nicklas Raask


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Lotta Jakobsson


Charlotta Helgesson

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